Privacy policy

Agrecol Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to implement changes in the Privacy Policy. User of the service is obliged to be familiar with the latest version of the Privacy Policy.

Any implemented changes do not influence the primary rule: Agrecol Sp. z o.o. do not sell or make personal details or addresses of the clients / users available to third parties.


Limited liability

Agrecol Sp. z o.o. has drawn up all the information put in this service based on the internal and external sources, according to one’s knowledge and with the due diligence. We are trying systematically to widen and to update this information. Information put in this service serves only a presentation of the company Agrecol Sp. z o.o. and its products.

However Agrecol Sp. z o.o. is not declaring or isn’t assuring, openly or in the supposed way, that information put in this service is complete and correct. We ask to remember that given information here can be out of date. And so we are recommending you to check information obtained in this service before using them in any form. Given information in this service isn’t dismissing you from the duty of checking on its own, whether more up-to-date information, particularly concerning characteristics cards, availabilities of the product offer and usefulness of our products don’t exist.

If you need information or instructions concerning our products or services, we ask you to get in touch with us directly. Users of this service are declaring that they agree to use it to the own risk.

Neither Agrecol Sp. z o.o., or the third parties participating in drawing up, creating or making this service centre available cannot be called to account for the damage or injuries resulting from the access or the lack of the access to the service, using or impossibilities of using from this service or from the fact that the user of the service relied on information included in it.


Personal data

During using the you can be asked to give some your personal details through the filling of the contact form or in other way. Data which you will be asked for, is in most cases name and e-mail address. In case of order forms you will be asked for giving complete personal details.

We require only this data which are essential for action of the service. Not giving required data will block the activity, which this data concerned.



Some areas of the service which belong to Agrecol Sp. z o.o. can use cookies, that is small text files sent to the computer of the Internet user needed for simplifying or cancelling for the given operation. Cookies are harmless neither for the computer nor for his user and his data. Cookies work only under condition of their approval by the browser and not removing them from the disk.



The Privacy Policy does not concern services and companies, whose contact information is given in services and magazines belonging to Agrecol Sp. z o.o..