Biohumicol forte – fertilizer for vegetables, herbs and fruits

  • intended for fertilization of vegetables, herbs and fruit plants
  • recommended for fertilization of plants grown under covers, in containers and in the ground
  • recommended for fertilizing plants grown under covers, in containers and in the ground
  • safe for plants, without the risk of over-fertilization
  • improves the quality of the substrate
  • qualified for use in organic farming




nitrogen (N) – 0.08%
phosphorus (P2O5) – 0.05%
potassium (K2O) – 0.12%

Biohumicol forte – fertilizer for vegetables, herbs and fruits is a liquid fertilizer of organic origin, intended for fertilizing vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, leaf vegetables, root and brassica), herbs and fruit plants (especially blueberry plants: blueberries, strawberries and raspberries) . Recommended for fertilizing plants grown under shelter, in containers or in the ground. Is a source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and organic matter. It is recommended for irrigation of plants, on all types of soils.

Most importantly, Biohumicol Forte has been qualified for organic production, so fertilizing vegetables and fruits can take place in the most environmentally friendly way. We will find basic nutrients in fertilizers for vegetables, herbs and fruits. Organic fertilization is very important for improving soil properties. It positively affects the physical properties of the soil, creating a lumpy structure, i.e. more porous. The pores, or spaces between the clods of earth, allow more water and air to accumulate in the ground. Organic fertilization also affects the chemical properties of the soil. Soil sorption properties are increased, which means that more minerals are kept within the root ball of plants. Plants have constant access to nutrients. In addition, organic ingredients support the biological life of the soil. Useful soil microorganisms that break down organic matter inhabit the soil and have excellent development conditions. In the case of plants grown in the ground, such fertilization also promotes the development of useful earthworms.

Biohumicol forte contains ingredients necessary for plant development. The fertilizer allows for abundant and healthy crops. Thanks to regular application of the fertilizer, the plants will grow intensively and produce high-quality fruit. Biohumicol forte supports current trends towards nature thanks to ecological cultivation of plants. The fertilizer ensures natural fertilization for the sake of the good of the environment. It is completely safe for plants as well as animals and people. The use of fertilizer for vegetables, herbs and fruits does not pose a risk of plant over-fertilization.

MRiRW permit no. 548/19

Sposób stosowania

Plants grown in pots and containers: 2-4 caps (60-120 ml) of the fertilizer diluted in 1 liter of water. Fertilize plants with each watering from February to September. Fertilize plants every 1-2 weeks from October to January.

Plants grown in the ground: dilute 4 caps (120 ml) of fertilizer in 1 liter of water and water this solution once a week from the beginning of May to the end of August

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500 ml 12 pcs 496 5902341004967
1 l 9 pcs 497 5902341004974

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