• fully organic fertilizer, intended for fertilizing all kinds of orchids
  • prompts to intense and long flowering
  • maintains the firmness of leaves and shoots
  • produced on the basis of vermicompost – a product of California worms
  • a product recommended by the Polish Society of Humic Substances




nitrogen (N) – 0.08%

phosphorus (P2O5) – 0.05%

potassium (K2O) – 0.12%

Biohumus fertilizer for orchids is a liquid organic fertilizer. Intended for use in the cultivation of orchids, e.g. Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Dendrobium and Cattleya. It can also be used for fertilizing all other flowering plants. Biohumus for orchids was produced on the basis of natural ingredients from vermicompost – a product of California worms.

Most of the orchids imported from the tropical climate as ornamental plants are epiphytes – plants growing on trees, where the roots are loosely spread on the branches of trees, without contact with the ground. This is why some orchids grown in homes (Phalaenopsis) grow in a special substrate made of bark. Biohumus for orchids works in a very gentle way, so there is no risk of damaging the very sensitive roots of orchids. Biohumus for orchids has optimally developed doses of nutrients that will not cause the fertilization of plants. Thanks to the potassium content required by the plants, the plants bloom intensely and the flowers stay on the plant for a long time. In addition, potassium makes the leaves and flowers firm and the shoots are strong.

Permission MRiRW nr 393/16

Sposób stosowania

Measure 60-120 ml (2-4 caps) of the fertilizer and then dilute in 1 liter of water. During intensive growth and flowering, fertilize the plants once a week. During the remaining growing season, the plants should be fertilized once every 2 weeks, because domestic plants require less nutrients during winter rest.

Orchids belonging to the epiphytes, eg: Phalenopsis, should be watering with the addition of biohumus to orchids in a certain way. Traditional watering in a pot, as in the case of other plants in this case will not work. The orchid can be removed from the casing and immersed in a container with water and a biohumus for orchids or pour the prepared solution into the casing in which we placed the orchid. The water should reach the ground level, so as not to immerse the leaves and their roots. Leave the orchid for 15-20 minutes, until it drips and absorbs valuable nutrients from biohumus to orchids. After this time, remove the orchid from the water and wait a moment for the excess water to drain. The ingredients contained in the biohumus for orchids will also penetrate the structure of the medium used for orchids, thanks to which the plant will be able to eat also later.

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500 ml 12 pcs 485 5902341004851
1 l 9 pcs 488 5902341004882

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