• intended for fertilization of geranium
  • to use in balcony, terrace and house cultivations
  • ensures proper growth of a plant and abundant, long blooming


For my plants



EC fertilizer

nitrogen (N) – 4.5%
phosphorus (P2O5) – 4%
potassium (K2O) – 6.5%


boron (B) 0.02%, copper (Cu) * 0.002%, iron (Fe) * 0.02%, manganese (Mn) * 0.015%, molybdenum (Mo) 0.002%, zinc (Zn) * 0.015%


* chelated by EDTA

Geranium fertilizer from the series For My Plants is a liquid, mineral fertilizer. It’s a multi-nutrient fertilizer intended for fertilization of all varieties of geranium, for example: English, multiflorous, fragrant and many other. This fertilizer contains complete of components necessary to proper growth and development of a plant. Systematic use ensures abundant and long-lasting flowering as well as intensive flower coloration. Geranium fertilizer can also be successfully used in the cultivation of geranium in composition with other plants. The liguid and easily soluble formula allows the fertilizer to be used also in hydroponic crops. Mineral fertilizers have a form that is immediately available and easily absorbed by plants.

Geraniums belong to the most popular balcony plants because of the simplicity of cultivation. They are not too demanding. Geraniums should only be watered regularly, but to get a lush mass with abundant flowers, geraniums should be fertilized. The fertilizer Perfect for My Geraniums, which thanks to the mineral form of nutrients works very quickly in fertilizing. One of the most important treatments is the pinching of the inflorescences, which is very simple for geraniums. Breaking down fragile, faded inflorescences which stimulate plants to propagate and create new flowers. Thanks to the nutrition of potassium plants, geranium not only intensively and long blooms, but also is more resistant to water shortage in the pot or container. Even if we forget to water the geraniums once, they will survive this difficult period because of the well-nourished, firm leaves that can store water. Among the micronutrients contained in the fertilizer, it is worth emphasizing the role of copper and boron, which allow maintaining the correct color of flowers for the variety. Other micronutrients, i.e. iron, manganese and molybdenum counteract chlorosis – yellow discoloration of the leaves.

Application method

The cap serves as dispenser to measure the fertilizer dose. The fertilizer should be diluted in a water, in proportion: 15 ml (half of a cap) of fertilizer in 2-3 l of water. Water the plants using obtained solution. In a period of intensive growing and flowering, plants should be fertilized once a week. In the remaining vegetation period, fertilize the plants one or two times a week.

Available packages

Opakowanie jedn. Opak. zbiorcze: Nr katalogowy: EAN:
500 ml 12 pcs 365 5902341003656
1 l 9 pcs 366 5902341003663

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