Kompost Active

  • enzymatic biopreparation speeds up the decomposition of organic matter (e.g. cut grass, haulm, leaves, branches)
  • affects the proper course of the composting process
  • supports and accelerates the formation of humic substances
  • does not threaten useful soil fauna


Kompost active is a modern, enzymatic biopreparation. It is used to support and accelerate the fermentation process and the decomposition of composted organic waste. This high-quality product was developed for composting garden waste (e.g. cut grass, haulm, leaves, branches). The preparation also works well in composting all organic household waste. Thanks to the optimally selected composition of the enzyme mix, Kompost Active accelerates the humification process and makes the compost ripen quickly. Organic acids formed as a result of composting are of great value in increasing soil fertility. The preparation does not threaten useful soil fauna.

Sposób stosowania

Create a compost pile from organic residues. The preparation should be dissolved in lukewarm water in an amount of 100 g per 4 l of water. Pour the preparation into the water, stirring intensively to avoid the formation of undissolved lumps. Wait a moment, then pour the pile over the resulting solution and mix the layers.

In case of composting thick plant fragments, such as branches and branches, dilute the preparation in an amount of 100 g for 2 l of water. Wait a moment, then pour the pile over the resulting solution and mix the layers.

The rate of compost formation depends on the humidity and ambient temperature, as well as on adequate aeration and spraying. Every few days, mix the composted waste.

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