Sanitar Active

  • eliminate unpleasant odours
  • help decomposing harmful substances
  • decompost fats and organic compounds
  • improves physico – chemical and sanitar parameters in contaminated tanks
  • helps to clear the sewage system


Sanitar Active is a modern, natural biopreparation, used for the treatment and disposal of sewage and impurities collected in septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and latrines. The preparation reduces unpleasant odors from these devices. Prevents harmful substances contained in the sewage and sewage from households from getting into the ground. Sanitar Active is safe for animals and the environment. Biodegradable. Does not damage sewage equipment. In 10 grams of the preparation there are several million selected microorganisms that break down organic matter.

Why Sanitar Active is worth using?

Sewage in treatment plants are subject to mechanical, chemical and biological treatment. Under natural conditions, to neutralize wastewater, microorganisms are needed that decompose fats and organic substances contained in the wastewater. These microorganisms occur in nature, but in tanks isolated from natural conditions, they are unable to get to sanitary facilities. In home conditions, we need to take care of the introduction of beneficial microorganisms ourselves. In this case, Sanitar Active works great, as it speeds up the process of wastewater distribution 3 times.


The biopreparation consists of a composite of microorganisms and a starter nutrient, which is their source of energy. Carefully selected strains of beneficial microorganisms break down harmful substances. In addition, they reduce the amount of wastewater accumulated in the tanks and eliminate odors.

Sposób stosowania

Preparation in loose form. Available in two versions: with measuring tape for measuring the preparation or in sachets. 250 g packaging lasts up to 6 months (depending on the capacity of the tank / septic tank).

Pour the quantity measured according to the instructions on the packaging directly into the septic tank, settler or through the toilet bowl.

Dostępne opakowania

Opakowanie jedn. Opak. zbiorcze: Nr katalogowy: EAN:
25g 15 pcs 470 5902341004707
250g 6 pcs 479 5902341004790
500g 8 pcs 476 5902341004769

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