MOTH-LIMIT – for boxwood moth

  • microbiological preparation containing specialized strains of Bacillus sp.
  • reduces the infestation of plants by boxwood moth and reduces resulting damage
  • the constant presence of beneficial bacteria stimulates plants to regenerate faster
  • perfect for preventive use and in the early stages of plant infection
  • the product has no grace period or prevention


Agrecol Natura

Ćma-LIMIT (MOTH-LIMIT) is a microbiological preparation that creates unfavorable conditions for the colonization of plants and the feeding of the boxwood moth on boxwood bushes.

Specialized strains of Bacillus sp. Bacteria contained in the formula colonize the entire surface of the plant, limiting the feeding and development of the box tree moth. The constant presence of bacteria on plants also creates a specific barrier for the development of subsequent generations of the box tree moth. The use of the formula does not adversely affect the development of useful entomofauna, and also stimulates the plants to regenerate.

Application method

APPLICATION: Dissolve the entire contents of the package (2.5 g) in 5 liters of water one hour before the planned treatment. Spray it in the evening or on cloudy days. Use the agent prophylactically at the turn of March and April or autumn. Perform interventions as soon as the presence of caterpillars is detected.

Number of treatments during the growing season: 3.
Interval between treatments: at least 7 days.
Recommended dose: 2.5 g in 5 liters of water per 100 m2.

The preparation should not be mixed with plant protection products. If there was a need to use pesticides, the treatment can be performed at least one week apart from the chemical treatment.

Read Dr. Agrecol’s advice on the boxwood moth!

Available packages

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