Poinsettia Strong – conditioner for poinsettias

  • designed to nourish poinsettias and other potted plants
  • strengthens plants and prolongs flowering
  • provides nutrition for 4 weeks
  • convenient applicator


Agrecol STRONG

Poinsettia Strong is a specialized and exceptionally innovative preparation intended for the regeneration of all types of poinsettias – the Bethlehem Star and other potted plants. The special formula facilitates the uptake of nutrients, strengthens plants and prolongs flowering. Regular use contributes to the good condition of the root system, abundant and long-lasting flowering, and ensures an attractive color of leaves and flowers. Professional, aesthetic and ready-to-use applicators facilitate the application of the product.

Poinsettia conditioner – Poinsettia Strong is the perfect solution for people who value comfort. Nutrients do not need to be dissolved in water, unlike traditional fertilizers. It is enough to stick them into the substrate and the conditioner will automatically release nutrients. Aesthetic packaging will fit into any, even very modern interior. They have well-balanced proportions of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), gently nourishing the poinsettias. Using the conditioner every 4 weeks will cause the plants to be intensively nourished and will soon sprout new flower shoots. It is worth knowing that proper nutrition of the so-called the star of Bethlehem ensures its health for many years. Well-kept plants will repay you with a whole lot of flower buds, which will surely please many lovers of exotic plants.

Application method

Poinsettia Strong is designed to strengthen plants all year round. The preparation should be used every 1-2 months, allocating one applicator for each plant. Simple application in three steps:

  1. Snap off the tip of the applicator at the incision site.
  2. Place the tip of the applicator in the substrate so that the preparation can flow freely to the substrate. To make sure that the tip of the applicator is not clogged when placing it in the substrate, it is recommended to lightly press the applicator once in order to unblock it.
  3. The applicator will empty itself. After emptying, remove the applicator from the substrate. With proper watering, the solution that has penetrated into the substrate will continue to act on plants for up to 4 weeks.

The effectiveness of the conditioner does not depend on the automatic emptying time of the applicator.

Available packages

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30 ml 24 pieces 645 5902341006459

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