Conifer fertilizer

  • for fertilization of conifers and other evergreen plants
  • suitable for fertilization of trees and shrubs with leaves
  • ensures proper grow of plants and intensive color of needles, husks and leaves
  • dosage is depending on plant’s size (50g per every meter of plant)


Scattering fertilizers


EC fertilizer

nitrogen (N) – 14%
phosphorus (P2O5) – 14%
potassium (K2O) – 21%

Conifers fertilizer is a granular mineral fertilizer. Intended for fertilizing all types of conifers and other ornamental trees and shrubs. Its full-fledged composition, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, fully covers the nutritional requirements of conifers, which has a positive effect on their uniform growth. Systematic fertilization ensures the correct staining of needles and the proper condition of plants. Fertilizer for coniferous plants such as spruces, pines, , Christmas trees, thuja, yews, cypresses, cypresses, cedars, cypresses and other less popular conifers. Conifers are a very specific group of plants, because they are mostly evergreens. Conifers hold needles or leaf scales on them for a very long time and “replace” them once every few to several years. Such physiology of plants means that they react very quickly to nutrient deficiencies in soil, and deficiency symptoms persist for a long time on evergreen parts of plants. If we do not apply fertilization, we can make the conifers irrevocably lose their needles and their compaction from the inside of the crown will not be possible. Systematic use of fertilizer for conifers will avoid discoloration of the needles, which initially turn yellow, then turn brown and die. Long-term nutrient deficiencies can lead to excessive stripping of needles, making them look unhealthy. Conifers fertilizer prevents yellowing and browning of needles, so they do not fall off prematurely and stay on the plant for a long time. Using fertilizer for conifers, we can also restore the proper appearance and health of needles. Properly nourished plants intensively thicken and grow relatively quickly.

The sprinkler form of fertilizer for conifers is very convenient. It is enough to spread the fertilizer directly within the root ball, where the fertilizer will release nutrients under the influence of moisture of the substrate. Do not leave fertilizer around the root neck, i.e. under the trunk. Unlike liquid fertilizers, loose fertilizers work longer because the ingredients in the granules bind to the sorption complex of the substrate and are not washed away too quickly into the soil. For this reason, fertilizers for conifers in powdered form are perfect for fertilizing plants in the garden, growing directly in the ground.

Fertilizer for conifers should be used especially in spring, after the plants leave the dormant period. Then, weakened after winter, the conifers need an injection of energy for the new growing season. Then the conifers will produce young strong and firm shoots. Fertilization must be continued every 45-60 days, because at a later stage of the development of conifers.

We use many conifers for molding. We usually use hedges formed from evergreen conifers to protect the garden from the outside world. To get an intimate atmosphere, we want a compact, dense hedge that will please the eye throughout the year. This hedge should be properly cared for. Care treatments include regular trimming that will help maintain the desired shape. But for the hedge to produce young growths and to thicken properly, specialized fertilizers for conifers are also needed. Then the hedge will form a dense, intensely green wall that we care about.

Sometimes we form various fanciful shapes from conifers to form garden bonsai. Such plants, which are pruned very often, should be taken care of when it comes to proper nutrition. Then formed balls or other shapes will gain an attractive appearance due to the appropriate density.

Conifer with specific requirements

Some conifers require an acidic reaction of the soil to develop properly. Usually, when planting, we enrich the soil with acidic peat or soil. But after some time the soil is sterilized and loses its properties. When the soil has lost its acidic reaction in the cultivation of acidophilous conifers, then it is advisable to apply acidifying fertilizer to the conifers.

In some cases, nutrient deficiencies are so great that the needles lose their essential color. If the needles turn brown, then it is worth applying intervention fertilizer, i.e. needle fertilizer against browning of needles, which, in addition to basic nutrients, contains magnesium, which helps to regain the right color of the needles.

Application method

Use from March to August, every 45-60 days. You should use autumn fertilizer from September.

  1. Measure proper dose of fertilizer, depending on plant’s size:
  • Young plants (up to 0,5 m) – use 20-30g of fertilizer
  • Older plants – use 40-60f of fertilizer per every 1m of plant’s height
  • Creeping plants – fertilize depending on bush spread / per 1 m use 40-60g of fertilizer
  1. Spread the fertilizer evenly around the plant and mix as much as possible with the topsoil.
  2. After applying the fertilizer, water the plant abundantly with water.

One handful is about 30 – 40 g of fertilizer. Fertilizer components are released for a period of about 4-6 weeks.

Available packages

Opakowanie jedn. Opak. zbiorcze: Nr katalogowy: EAN:
1,2 kg 8 pcs 207 5902341002079
5 kg 1 pcs 234 5902341002345
10 kg 1 pcs 243 5902341002437

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Plant protection products should be used with safety. Read the label and product information before each use. Familiarize yourself with the hazards and follow the precautions listed on the label.

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