Fertilizing caps for roses

  • convenient to use capsules for dissolving in water
  • without the need of measuring
  • 100% biodegradable
  • no risk of dirt – product is enclosed in a capsule



Nawóz WE
azot (N) – 16%
fosfor (P2O5) – 16%
potas (K2O) – 16%
Mikroskładniki pokarmowe:
miedź (Cu) * 0,01%, żelazo (Fe) * 0,04%, mangan (Mn) * 0,04%, molibden (Mo) 0,004%, cynk (Zn) * 0,015%
* schelatowane przez EDTA
Wszystkie składniki są w 100% rozpuszczalne w wodzie

Frtilizing capsules for roses are a revolution in fertilization! Fertilization has never been so easy. You will prepare a fertilizer solution without measuring or contacting the product, without the risk of getting dirty.

Fertilizer capsules quickly, easily and conveniently help to take care of plants. Carefully selected nutrients meet the needs of your roses. Fertilizer capsules ensure high plant health, abundant flowering and cropping. Thanks to the optimally selected nutrients, the fruits are good-looking and properly stained. Just drop the capsule into the water, mix and ready – without dosing. The capsule packaging does not contain remnants fertilizer, thanks to which we protect our environment.

Application method

Apply the fertilizer every 14 days, from March to August. Water the plants on the ground, avoiding contact with leaves and flowers. After fertilizing, remember to regularly water the plants.

Put the capsule into a container with 10 l of water.
Wait until the foil dissolves * and mix thoroughly.
Water the plants with the resulting solution.

* the dissolution time of the film depends on the hardness and temperature of the water.

CAUTION do not touch the capsules with wet hands.

Available packages

Opakowanie jedn. Opak. zbiorcze: Nr katalogowy: EAN:
14 caps 10 pcs 167 5902341001676

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