• for fertilization of all varieties of flowering plants: annuals, perennial plants and onion plants
  • recommended in cultivation of clematis
  • high content of phosphorus and potassium has positive influence on flowering
  • capacity: 1,2 kg / 50 m2


Scattering fertilizers


EC fertilizer

nitrogen (N) – 13%
phosphorus (P2O5) – 13%
potassium (K2O) – 21%


boron (B) 0.04%, copper (Cu) 0.1%, iron (Fe) 0.2%, manganese (Mn) 0.17%, molybdenum (Mo) 0.01%, zinc (Zn) 0.035 %

Garden flowers fertilizer is a granular mineral fertilizer. It is suitable for fertilization of all varieties of flowering garden plants: annuals, perennial plants, onion plants and clematises.

Properly selected proportions of ingredients meet the nutritional needs of these plants, causing their proper growth, abundant flowering and intense flower coloration. This fertilizer strengthens the condition of plants, thanks to which they grow vigorously, while maintaining a high level of health.

 For what plants can I use garden flowers fertilizer?

Fertilizer for garden flowers is perfect for fertilizing, among others: peonies, daylilies, irises, sage, lavender, coneflower, lupins and many other plants. Also, flowering annual plants can be fertilized with garden flower fertilizer, for example myosotises and many other. Thanks to the fertilizer for garden flowers, plants obtain the energy needed for intensive flowering. Therefore, fertilizer for garden flowers can also be used in the cultivation of flowering climbers – clematis (Clematis).

Why is fertilizing flowering plants so important?

Flowering plants consume a lot of energy, which they obtain from supplied nutrients. In order for the plants to bloom long and abundantly, they primarily need significant amounts of potassium. The garden flower fertilizer contains a very large amount of potassium (21%) compared to other ingredients. Incorrectly nourished plants bloom less, and also suffer from nutrient deficiencies. It should be remembered that the surface intensively used after some time is sterilized. On flower beds where ornamental plants are grown, spaces between plants are regularly weeded out. Dead aerial parts of plants dying for the winter are cut down. These care treatments cause that the circulation of organic matter in nature is disturbed. In natural conditions without human intervention, all dead parts of plants are broken down by microorganisms, and thanks to this nutrients return to the soil in forms that are available for plants. Therefore, in the garden, where everything is subordinated to a man who cares for his order, fertilizer for garden flowers should be regularly used.

The garden flower fertilizer also includes a number of other nutrients needed for proper development. Flowering alone is not everything. The plant must still look healthy, be firm and intensely green so that the flowers can proudly appear on it. Nitrogen contained in garden flower fertilizer will ensure intensive growth of plants. Phosphorus will additionally support proper flowering, but also support plant resistance to diseases. Thanks to the content of many micronutrients in the flower fertilizer, the fertilization is comprehensive and fully meets the needs of plants. Plants also need iron to have beautifully green leaves. This ingredient can be found in fertilizer for flowering plants. Other micronutrients in the fertilizer include: boron, copper, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.

Application method


Use from March to August, every 60 days. From September you should use autumn fertilizer.

  • Measure proper dose of fertilizer, depending on size and stage of plant’s development:
  • Non-flowering and young plants – use 30g of fertilizer per every 1m2
  • Flowering and older plants – use 40-60g of fertilizer per every 1m2
  1. Spread the fertilizer evenly around the plant and mix as much as possible with the top layer of soil.
  2. After applying the fertilizer, water the plant with plenty of water.

1 handful is about 30-40g of fertilizer.

Available packages

Opakowanie jedn. Opak. zbiorcze: Nr katalogowy: EAN:
1,2 kg 8 pcs 212 5902341002123

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