• improves the chemical, physical and biological properties of soil
  • positively affects the soil structure (contributes to the formation of a crumb structure)
  • improves the use of nutrients
  • intended for the cultivation of ornamental, vegetable and fruit plants


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Humistar Micro WG is designed to improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of the substrate / soil. Preparation for use in horticultural, ornamental and fruit plants. The product is used by soil spraying. The product improves the conditions for the development of the plant root system. Improves soil structure (contributes to the formation of a lumpy structure). Thanks to it, plants better use nutrients from the ground. In addition, Humistar facilitates the development of soil microorganisms responsible for soil biological life. Humistar Micro WG can be used with most commonly used fertilizers and agrochemicals except mineral oils, acidifiers, acid products and calcium nitrate.

Application method

Preparation of the substrate / substrate for seedling or seedling production:

Apply 450-700 g Humistar for every 1 m3 of substrate. Dissolve Humistar in the volume of water necessary for its good and even mixing in the whole mass of the prepared substrate. When Humistar has not been introduced into the ground earlier, it can be used after sowing seeds or planting seedlings into containers at a dose – 450-700 g Humistar per 100 l of water (0.5-0.7% solution) for watering.

Horticultural and agricultural crops:

General use: Dissolve a 9-12 kg dose of Humistar in 200 l of water. The working solution prepared in this way is sufficient for spraying 1 hectare of soil surface. Spray before sowing or planting the seedling into the field. Use a full dose once. Repeat the treatment after each cycle of cultivation.

Row application: Dissolve a 4.5-6 kg dose of Humistar in 100 liters of water. Spray before sowing or planting the seedling into the field. Use a full dose once. Repeat the treatment after each cycle of cultivation.


In spring, after starting vegetation, spray the entire soil surface at a dose of 90 – 100 g / 100 m2 dissolved in a minimum of 2 l of water, or belt-shaped over a row of strawberries at a dose of 45 – 60 g / 100 m2 in a working solution of min. 1 l / 100 m2 or during fertization (irrigation with fertilizer) at a dose of 45 – 60 g / 100 m2 Humistar divided into 2-4 applications.

Fruit trees:

Planting trees – water the wells with 0.5-0.7% solution of Humistar or directly after planting by fertigation (irrigation with fertilizer) in divided doses of 4 x 2 kg / hectare.

Older trees – soil application in spring, by injection (point irrigation) of 0.5-0.7% solution of Humistar into the root system.

Application by irrigation systems (sprinklers, capillaries, drip tapes):

Greenhouse cultivation (vegetables, flowers): Use 25-50 g / 100 m2, 3-4 days after planting. After a week, apply again 25-50 g / 100 m2.

Field crops: Use divided doses in one season 4.5-6 kg / ha, divided into 2-4 applications. Begin irrigation with a dose of 2.5 kg / ha, and then 1.2-2.5 kg / ha at intervals of 1-2 weeks.

Golf courses and lawns: 90-120 g / 100 m2 before sowing grass.

Root treatment (seedlings of vegetables or shrubs and trees before planting):

Soak the roots in a 0.5-0.7% Humistar solution with the addition of e.g. clay.

Holes for planting shrubs and trees can also be watered / sprayed with 0.5-0.7% Humistar solution.

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