Drip feeder for tomatoes, herbs, vegetables and fruits grown in containers

  • high quality organic fertilizer, ready to use
  • ensures the healthy development of tomato bushes
  • has a positive effect on the quality and amount of crops
  • in the form of a convenient applicator


Agrecol Natura


  • total nitrogen (N) – at least 0.08%
  • total phosphorus calculated as P2O5 – at least 0.05%
  • total potassium converted to K2O – at least 0.12%

All ingredients are water soluble.

The drip feeder for tomatoes, herbs, vegetables and fruits grown in containers is a liquid organic fertilizer intended for the fertilization of vegetables, herbs and fruit plants grown in containers, under covers or in the ground. The fertilizer provides basic nutrients for plants and is also a source of organic matter.
Recommended for fertilizing, among others: basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, coriander. Ready-to-use fertilizer, without the need to dissolve in water. The fertilizer in a special drip tube is very easy and convenient to use and is automatically released into the ground.

The first fertilizer formula on the market contained in a drip. The fertilizers are completely safe for plants and do not pose a risk of over-fertilization. The drip contains natural substances that regenerate the substrate. The fertilizer contains the basic macronutrients that plants need most for their proper development. The fertilizer ingredients allow you to obtain healthy crops without the risk of over-fertilization of the plants. Fruits and vegetables are juicy, plump and properly colored. Herbs grow very intensively even with regular pinching and pruning. The components of the fertilizer, regardless of the speed of emptying the drip, work continuously for a month. After one month, another drip feeder can be used.

Permit of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development No. 547/19

Application method

The fertilizer is ready for use. Use 1 applicator per 1 plant 1-2 times a month from the beginning of growth to harvesting fruit / vegetables.
How to use the fertilizer in the applicator:
1) Tear off the tip of the applicator along the score line.
2) Place the tip of the applicator in the ground so that the fertilizer can flow freely to the ground. To make sure that the tip of the applicator is not clogged when placing it in the substrate, it is recommended to lightly press once.
3) After emptying the applicator, remove it from the substrate.

Available packages

Opakowanie jedn. Opak. zbiorcze: Nr katalogowy: EAN:
50 ml 24 pieces 577 5902341005773

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