Nawóz do trawników - szybki efekt dywanowy


  • for fertilization of often mown lawns and intensively exploited lawns
  • supplements nitrogen deficiencies needed to rebuild green mass
  • quarantees proper density and green color of grass
  • capacity: 5kg / 400 m2


Scattering fertilizers



EC fertilizer
25% – total nitrogen (N) including:

  • 10% nitrogen (N) nitrate
  • 15% ammonium nitrogen (N)

Lawn fertilizer – fast carpet effect, is granular and mineral fertilizer. Intended for fertilization of all types of lawns and ornamental grasses. The fertilizer contains nitrogen in an easily absorbable form, which causes the lawn to thicken quickly and regain its intense green color. Systematic fertilization causes even growth of turf and high grass health. The use of fertilizer quick carpet effect also prepares the lawn for intensive use. Immediately after fertilizing with this fertilizer, you can start using the lawn. This product can also be successfully used as an addition to autumn fertilizers, which we want to use in spring (contains only nitrogen so there is no risk of doubling the dose).

Two forms of nitrogen in balanced proportions were placed in the grass fertilizer. The minerals composed in this way are quickly absorbed by the grass, thanks to which the clumps strongly spread. In addition, the grass quickly turns green. An unattractive lawn gains the ingredients needed for reconstruction. Grass fertilizer is especially recommended after aeration or scarification, after which the turf is heavily affected and thinned.

Why is it worth to use lawn fertilizer for fast carpet effect?

Frequent mowing of the lawn, especially with mowers with a collecting container, causes that all nutrients collected in the blades are removed. It is worth considering whether to equip yourself with a mower, which has the option of changing the mode to mulching (shredding mowed grass), which we can do from time to time. Under natural conditions, the mown blades decompose and after some time humus is formed, providing nutrients to plants. It is a complex and long-lasting process of matter circulation in nature. However, in garden conditions it is difficult to meet these conditions. Therefore, it is important to use grass fertilizer, because not all nutrients are able to break down into plant-available forms and return to the soil. Usually, organic matter decomposition processes are too slow to provide valuable nutrients to the lawn.

On the other hand, by leaving often mown blades of grass on the lawn, we create the risk of creating felt, which strangles the lawn, and thus its weaker growth. Every year, this felt is removed by scarifying. After such a procedure, the lawn may not look attractive, but it is crucial for the proper development of the lawn. Immediately after the procedure, it is good to fertilize the lawn with grass fertilizer. Fertilizer granules will get to the empty spaces faster, where the earth is discovered. After such fertilization, the lawn should be watered abundantly so that the fertilizer easily penetrates into the root system. Sometimes on lawns after scarifying or aeration, it is recommended to perform sanding * to loosen the clay soil. When necessary, sandblasting can be combined with fertilization. It is enough for sand with a 0.5-0.8 mm fraction, add fertilizer and spread with a seeder or manually. Thanks to this treatment you will save time on lawn care. The use of lawn fertilizer will allow the grass to regenerate, resulting in a green carpet effect in the garden.

* Remember that stripping is performed on clay soils that are excessively firm. Performing the treatment on permeable soils will increase water permeability more, which is inadvisable.

Application method

Use from March to August, every 45-60 days. From September you should use autumn fertilizer.

  1. Measure proper dose of fertilizer: 12g of fertilizer per every 1m2 of lawn.
  2. Spread the fertilizer evenly on the lawn by hand or a special seeder. The lawn should be dry at the time of treatment.
  3. After applying the fertilizer, water the lawn with plenty of water.

WARNING! Do not apply the fertilizer to young lawns, immediately after sowing grass seeds when setting up the lawn. The first fertilizing treatment can be performed only after 60 days after germination of the seeds.

1 handful is about 30 – 40 g of fertilizer.

Available packages

Opakowanie jedn. Opak. zbiorcze: Nr katalogowy: EAN:
1,2 kg 8 pcs 204 5902341002048
5 kg 1 pcs 233 5902341002338

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Plant protection products should be used with safety. Read the label and product information before each use. Familiarize yourself with the hazards and follow the precautions listed on the label.

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