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  • product is used for population control of fungus gnats, whitefly, sucking insects, biting and mining insects on ornamental plants, as well as vegetables, herbs and apple trees
  • agent intended for use by non-professional users



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  • azadirachtin A (compound from the limonoid group) – 9.8 g / l (1.0%)

INSECTICIDE with a broad spectrum of activity, for the control of sucking, biting and mining insects, in the form of a concentrate for the preparation of a water emulsion (EC), for use in the form of foliar spray.
The active substance is absorbed by the plant and on the target organisms it has a stomach effect. Insect activity ceases within a few hours after ingestion. The larval forms stop feeding and their development stops, which eventually leads to their death after a few days. Adult forms stop feeding, their fertility is limited and, to a lesser extent, mortality.
According to the IRAC classification, the active substance azadirachtin A belongs to the group with unknown or non-specific mechanism of action (IRAC UN group).

Application method

The agent is intended for use with a hand sprayer.

Etykieta produktu

Plant protection products should be used safely. Before each use, read the information provided on the label and product information. Know the hazards and follow the precautions listed on the label.

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Plant protection products should be used with safety. Read the label and product information before each use. Familiarize yourself with the hazards and follow the precautions listed on the label.

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