• contains natural substances which regulate the substrate of orchids
  • stimulates orchids for intensive growth
  • provides healthy and firm leaves
  • easy-to-use applicator


Agrecol Natura


  • total nitrogen (N) – at least 0,08%
  • total phosphorus per P2O5 – at least 0,05%
  • total potassium per K2O – at least 0,12%

Orchid drip feeder is a liquid organic fertilizer. Designed for all types of orchids, including Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Cattleya. It is also successfully used in the cultivation of other flowering plants, stimulating them to flowering. Fertilizer in ready to use form, without the need to dissolve in water. Product is a ready fertilizer for orchids without the need to measure the product. Fertilizer in a special drip is very easy and convenient to use and self-releases to the ground.

The first fertilizer formula in the market contained in a drip. Fertilizers are completely safe for plants and do not cause the risk of fertilization. The drip contains a high-quality organic fertilizer for orchids. Organic fertilizer contains natural substances that regenerate the substrate. It is an excellent solution for busy and busy people, because fertilization takes place automatically. People living in harmony with nature will certainly be satisfied with 100% natural fertilizer. The fertilizer contains the fundamental ingredients needed for the proper development of plants. Nitrogen supports the production of new, beautifully colored leaves. Phosphor enhances the development of a strong root system. Potassium affects the turgor (hydration) of the leaves, which positively affects their firmness. In addition, it reduces the risk of plants falling into infections. The most important role of potassium, however, is to stimulate the plant to form new inflorescence shoots. Drip thoroughly nourishes plants. In addition, the drip regenerates the substrate due to the organic matter supplied.

Fertilizer for orchids in a drip very gently nourishes plants. It does not cause excessive fertilization or damage to the delicate roots of orchids. Fertilizing fertilizer for orchids in the form of a drip gives a new, less persistent character to the previous care treatments. The fertilizer does not need to be dissolved in water, just put it in the substrate. The drip attractively presents itself in the orchid flowerpot.

Permission MRiRW 386/16

Application method

Product should be applied once a month in the whole growing season.

The growing season is from April till September. One applicator should be intended for one plant.

1) Tear the tip of the applicator along the score line.

2) Put the applicator in a pot in the diagonally way, on the depth of 2-3 cm.

3) After emptying the applicator, remove it from the ground.

Ingredients of the fertilizer, regardless of speed drip’s emptying, works continuously through a month. After a month you can apply new drip feeder.

The use of a drip does not exclude further watering of plants. Orchids should be watered as before at the same intervals. The drip can be in the pot during watering. When you immerse the pot in a water, you can remove the drip feeder for a while.

Good advice: During watering orchids, use  boiled water which is then stand for 24 hours. In the water straight from the tap there are calcium and chloride compounds harmful to orchids. In the weaning process, they settle at the bottom of the watering can or evaporate.


Do you know that…? Few trivia about orchids.

The orchid also includes vanilla – yes! This is what we use in the kitchen. Orchids are also found in Poland. Buławnik, krokczyk, obuwik are just a few examples of our flora. In total, there are about 50 species of orchids, and all are under protection! They do not resemble the appearance of those known to us from shop displays, but they are equally charming and mysterious. Orchids are so common that they occur anywhere in the world, excluding Antarctica. Do you want to grow an orchid from a seed? It can be very difficult because some are so small that sometimes almost invisible for an eye.

Available packages

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35 ml 40 pcs 491 5902341004912
3 x 35 ml 18 pcs 492 5902341004929

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Plant protection products should be used with safety. Read the label and product information before each use. Familiarize yourself with the hazards and follow the precautions listed on the label.

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