Pot plants fertilizer

  • for fertilization of indoor plants throughout the year
  • supplements deficiencies of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
  • thanks to the combination of mineral and organic components fertilization is more effective
  • contains biologically active humic substances, supporting fertilization
  • the product has fast action due to the mineral content
  • the fertilizer is effective and safe for the environment


Organic - mineral fertilizers


nitrogen (N) – 1.5%
phosphorus (P2O5) – 0.5%
potassium (K2O) – 1%
and fertilizing extracts of humus compounds.

All ingredients are water soluble.

The fertilizer for pot plants is a liquid organic and mineral fertilizer. Intended for year-round fertilization of plants in the cultivation of all potted plants growing at home. Recommended for fertilizing both decorative plants from the leaves and flowering, for example: zamiokulkasów, difenbachi, bluszczy, palm, fikusów, begonias, kalanchoe, African violets, amaryllis, anthurium, Persian cyclamen and many others.

Plants grown in pots are particularly vulnerable to the loss of many nutrients. Most of them are very quickly picked up by the plants from the ground and the part is washed out during watering. Therefore, it is very important to systematically supplement nutrients in the substrate, which is largely unchanged for most vegetation. The balanced composition of the fertilizer causes that the plants have high health, grow abundantly and bloom intensively. The fertilizer for pot plants used systematically complements the deficiencies of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The content of humus compounds in the fertilizer regenerates the substrate. The fertilizer for potted plants can be used throughout the season.

The organic part in the fertilizer consists of natural active humus. Thanks to humic substances, the biological life of the soil is supported. Beneficial soil microorganisms affect a number of changes occurring in the soil, and have an active effect on the regeneration of the soil. It is thanks to microorganisms that complex chemical compounds are broken down in the soil to easily digestible ingredients for plants.

The organic components of the fertilizer are released for a long time and gradually. However, minerals have a form easily and quickly absorbed by plants. The combination of both formulas makes the nutrition of plants comprehensive.

Application method

Preparation of the solution:

The fertilizer nut also serves as a measuring cup for dispensing fertilizer. Dilute 35 ml (1 cap) of fertilizer with 1 liter of water with water.

Application method:

The fertilizer is used during watering. Water the plants with a quantity of solution such as during routine watering, so that the substrate is sufficiently moist. Fertilize plants every 2-3 weeks from March to October. Fertilize plants once a month from November to February. Fertilizer for pot plants can be used throughout the season, in the winter season we only reduce the frequency of fertilizer application. The fertilizer doses indicated on the packaging should not be exceeded.

Do not fertilize transplanted plants or freshly planted cuttings. Let’s give them time to adapt in a new soil environment. In addition, it should be noted whether the planting medium contains fertilizer components. Then we should wait about a month for fertilization. First, the plants will use the ingredients contained in the medium.

Storage: At temperatures from 0˚C to + 30˚C in the original, tightly closed container out of reach of children. Keep away from food and animal feed. Do not consume. In case of ingestion, contact a doctor. If fertilizer gets into your eyes, rinse with clean water.

Available packages

Opakowanie jedn. Opak. zbiorcze: Nr katalogowy: EAN:
0,35 l 12 pcs 301 5902341003014
750 ml 12 pcs 302 5902341003021
1,2 l 9 pcs 303 5902341003038

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Plant protection products should be used with safety. Read the label and product information before each use. Familiarize yourself with the hazards and follow the precautions listed on the label.

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