A pheromone trap reducing the occurrence of horse chestnut leaf miner

  • Selectively attracts and immobilizes horse chestnut leaf miner.
  • Practical and easy to use.
  • It does not contain harmful chemicals – safe for the environment.
  • Safe for people, pets and pollinating insects.


Agrecol Natura

The pheromone trap is used for the selective catch of moths Cameraria ohridella – a dangerous horse chestnut pest. The trap is covered with a sticky glue with a pheromone, which attracts the horse chestnut leaf miner. Thanks to the trap, leaf damage caused by pest is reduced. The special design of the trap prevents its contamination by leaves and ensures the safety of birds and pollinating insects.

All species of horse chestnut:
– small tree – 2 traps
– medium-sized and large tree – 5 traps

The trap is used to monitor the pests by catching them.

It does not contain insecticides and any other harmful chemicals. Dispose of used traps as municipal waste.

Application method

Remove the trap from the packaging / pheromone protective pouch
Using the attached string, hang the trap on the tree.


Trap application period: for best effect, use continuously from mid-April to the end of September.

Trap operation time: 2 months from suspension (if the trap is heavily contaminated with dust, insects, pollen, etc., replace it in advance).

Place of the trap: on large trees, the traps should be placed evenly at the tips of the branches, on small trees, ideally at a height of 1.5-2 m. Choose places with the least sunlight.

Trap inspection: should be performed every 2-3 days.

Available packages

Opakowanie jedn.Opak. zbiorcze:Nr katalogowy:EAN:
1 trap12 pieces3375902341003373

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