Starane Trawniki – anti weeds agent

  • fights weeds on lawns
  • agent intended for use by professional and non-professional users


Gardener's Pharmacy

Content of active substances:

  • fluroxypyr (a compound from the group of pyridine carboxylic acid derivatives)
    in the form of an ester (fluroxypyr methyl) – 40 g / l (3.66%)
  • chlopyralid (a compound from the group of carboxylic acid derivatives)
    as monoethanolamine salt – 20 g / l (1.83%)
  • MCPA (a compound from the group of phenoxy acids)
    in the form of potassium salt – 200 g / l (18.34%)

Starane Trawniki is a herbicide in the form of a liquid (oil-in-water emulsion) for the preparation of a water emulsion, used for foliar application, intended for post-emergence control of dicotyledonous weeds on lawns, sports fields and golf courses. The agent is intended for use with manual and field sprayers.

The agent is systemic. It is taken up by the leaves and moved to the roots of weeds, causing growth inhibition and plant death. The first symptoms on susceptible weeds appear after 1-2 days. Weed growth is inhibited and the weeds die after 3-4 weeks. The agent works most effectively when applied during the period of intensive weed growth.

Available packages

Opakowanie jedn. Opak. zbiorcze: Nr katalogowy: EAN:
20 ml 10 pcs 2212 5902341101239
50 ml 12 pcs 2213 5902341101246
100 ml 12 pcs 2214 5902341101253
250 ml 12 pcs 2215 5902341101260

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