• fertilizer intended for weed infested lawns and lawns exposed to weeds
  • stimulates grass to intensive grow, minimizing weeds
  • supplements nitrogen deficiencies on lawns
  • capacity: 5 kg / 250 m2


Scattering fertilizers


EC fertilizer

Nitrogen (N) – 15 %

Weed infested lawn fertilizer is a granulated mineral fertilizer. The deacidifying formula of the fertilizer provides excellent conditions for grass growth, which limits the development of weeds. The easily available nitrogen contained in the fertilizer means that the grass grows relatively quickly, preventing weeds from reappearing. Healthy, intensively growing and often mown grass easily repels weakened weeds.

Lawn fertilizer for weeds is also suitable for lawns vulnerable to weeds due to high clearances or empty squares in turf. Lawn thinned due to intensive use, chemical weeding or aeration or scarifying are particularly exposed to the appearance of weeds in empty areas. The fertilizer quickly supplements the soil with nitrogen, thanks to which the grass quickly regains its condition and overgrows the soil surface. A regularly fertilized lawn is less susceptible to future weeds.

How to get rid of weeds from lawn?

Getting rid of weeds from lawn is very laborious task. Many people want to have perfect lawn without any weeds. Very few people realize that lawn is the most demanding “plant” in the garden. Even slight negligence may be associated with the loss of lawn condition.

Weeds appear very quickly on weakened lawns, so you should take care of the lawn. First of all, lawns should be mowed regularly. This treatment also contributes to the removal of more sensitive weeds. In addition, it prevents weeds from setting seeds, and thus their further spreading. Weeds are competitive for grass because they have adapted to difficult habitat conditions and grow everywhere where they find a piece of free space. Often mowed grass is constantly thickening and spreading, making the most of all available space. Leaving the grass without mowing, we make it grow only upwards, and what is worse, it starts to bloom – then the lower parts of the grass die down making it increasingly thinner. After a long time of no mowing, the mowed lawn suddenly becomes thinned out. This creates great opportunities for weed development. On lawns, we mainly care about eliminating dicotyledonous weeds. They stand out most on lawns because they have a different structure than grasses.

Not only mowing is important for lawns. The lawn should be watered, especially during dry and rainless periods. At least once a year, aeration or scarification should be performed. Scarifying allows you to get rid of felt (dried grass parts) and moss, which hinder the development of grass. Aeration aerates grass roots, creating ideal air and water conditions in the ground. These treatments are usually carried out in spring. The lawn may look very damaged after the treatments, but this is not a cause for concern. These are very positive treatments for plant development. After the treatments, it is good to immediately apply lawn fertilizer for weeds, which will revive the grass making it recover quickly.

When weeding the lawn, we don’t always have to reach for herbicides. When weeds do not dominate the lawn, so there are not many of them, we can reach for a specialized fertilizer, such as fertilizer for lawn weeds. Lawn fertilizer for weeds will not only perfectly nourish the lawn, but also will easily prevent weed growth without the use of pesticides. The fertilizer fulfills two tasks at the same time: nutrition and inhibiting the development of weeds (2 in 1). In the case of a definite dominance of weeds on the lawn, we can reach for one of the selective herbicides: Dicotex 202 SL, Starane Trawniki, MLECZ. These preparations will also prove effective in combating very troublesome weeds.

Application method

Fertilizer should be use from March to August, every 45-60 days. From September you should use autumn fertilizer.

  1. Measure proper dose of fertilizer: 20g of fertilizer per 1m2 of lawn.
  2. Spread the fertilizer evenly on the lawn by hand or a special seeder.
  3. After application, water the lawn with plenty of water.

1 handful is about 30-4-g of fertilizer.

Available packages

Opakowanie jedn. Opak. zbiorcze: Nr katalogowy: EAN:
1,2 kg 8 pcs 202 5902341002024
5 kg 1 pcs 232 5902341002321
10 kg 1 pcs 269 5902341002697

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Plant protection products should be used with safety. Read the label and product information before each use. Familiarize yourself with the hazards and follow the precautions listed on the label.

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