Plant conditioners are a great way to nourish plants. This is quick help in the need and regeneration of weakened plants. Innovative nutrients are easy to use, which makes them ideal for busy people who value comfort. This group of products contain STRONG nutrients, nutrients that extend the life of cut plants, foliar nutrients. The STRONG series are specialized applicators that you can simply place in the substrate in a pot, previously tearing off the tip at the perforation. This conditioner is released automatically depending on the humidity of the substrate, which does not affect the effectiveness of the action. When the substrate is dry, the conditioner is absorbed faster by the substrate, when it is wet, the liquid is absorbed more slowly. It may happen that when placing the applicator in the ground, its opening will be clogged with a clod of soil. To prevent this, immediately after inserting the applicator, it is a good idea to gently press the applicator once to release its conditioner to unclog the opening. In the STONG series there are many nutrients dedicated specifically to pot plants, from more universal ones, such as: conditioner for green plants, conditioner for flowering plants, conditioner for balcony plants to specialized ones like: conditioner for zamiokulkases, cactus conditioner, orchid conditioner, citrus conditioner, bonsai conditioner, herb conditioner . For example, a nutrient for green plants works well in growing plants with ornamental leaves, in which we care about the production of new leaves. The use of nutrients is completely safe for plants, without the risk of over-fertilization. Sprinkler conditioners are also highly specialized products. They work as foliar sprays. Sprinklers produce a fine moist mist. They moisturize the leaves thanks to the soft water that leaves no residue on the leaves. Microelements and vitamins that dissolve into the leaves are dissolved, which is the quickest way to nourish plants. Place such a conditioner near plants and sprinkle the surface of the leaves from time to time. In this way, we will create a microclimate that imitates the natural environment of plants, i.e. the one outside. Among the sprinklers we will find a preparation for plant regeneration and preparations for the care of orchids. Among the nutrients we will also find those that when dissolved in water have properties that extend the life of cut plants. Here we should mention first of all: cut flower conditioner and cut christmas tree conditioner . Bouquets, cut flowers and coniferous trees, intended for Christmas trees, stay much longer in the water. These products maintain water purity and freshness for longer, and prevent shoot rot. They also contain micronutrients that allow plants to be nourished.


Plant protection products should be used with safety. Read the label and product information before each use. Familiarize yourself with the hazards and follow the precautions listed on the label.

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